Craft & mid-size bakeries

We help small and mid-sized bakeries sharpen their competitive edge. Our innovations enable them to expand their product range with high-quality authentic products, while at the same time streamlining baking processes, saving cost and effort.

A step up from oil

We helped a mid-sized bakery in Taiwan save time and money by providing a total releasing solution

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Less is more with liquid margarine

How replacing three bakery ingredients with one innovative product enabled a mid-sized bakery to produce more consistent results and a cleaner label while reducing cost.

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Helping craft bakers innovate and compete on quality

How can craft bakers successfully compete with supermarkets for the attention of younger consumers? We helped a group of bakers develop a top quality product with a strong regional identity.

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A roundly successful loaf

How a new product range and marketing concept for authentic, natural bread helped mid-size bakeries in Romania gain access to supermarket shelves.

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Craft baking for the next generation

How our special mixes helped an Italian craft baker to widen his range of products and attract a new, young customer base.

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