Our expertise

Marketing concepts

With innovative products and services, including marketing materials, we support customers in developing products and concepts that fit long-term consumer trends.

Increased diversity

Partly because of demographic developments, consumers’ preferences and spending patterns change all the time. That means bakers are challenged to provide a wider range of products, tailored to an ever greater diversity of tastes and preferences.

Healthy, authentic and convenient

Consumers are becoming ever more sensitive to the importance of healthy food. They are attracted to authentic products but have also got used to convenience. Products increasingly are the result of a process of co-creation by producers and consumers.


Products’ ‘green’ credentials are becoming more and more important to consumers. Producers are expected to be authentic and transparent, and sustainability requirements extend throughout the production chain: from organic ingredients to sustainable packaging and transport.

If you keep innovating to keep people interested, offering something different every time, then every business-minded baker can have a bright future

Erwin Scholtes

Independent baker, The Netherlands