Our expertise


Baking is a traditional craft, but at the same time an exact science. To which we bring extensive knowledge and understanding of raw materials, ingredients and how they work in various combinations.

More than a mix of raw materials

Developing effective baking ingredients requires a deep understanding of raw materials. Of their individual functionalities as well as the way different materials and their components interact.

Our expertise in this area allows us to compose the exact mix of materials needed to control every aspect of the baking process. From freezing, thawing and baking off dough to the sliceability of filling cream.

Such modern ingredients offer maximum, consistent performance at a feasible price: both for traditional craft bakeries and highly automated processes.

Our added value lies in the fact that we create opportunities by combining our outstanding expertise in the field of raw materials with an in-depth knowledge of the bakery and its processes.

Michiel de Ruiter

CEO Zeelandia