Zeelandia Ukraine acquires chocolate compound business

10 January 2019. Zeelandia Ukraine has acquired the compound chocolate and fat-based fillings business of AFT (Agrarian Food Technologies), a leading distributor in the Ukrainian food ingredient business with over 20 years history.

 "The creation of this bread is unique not only because of its enriched consistency and ingredients but also because of the social mission to support our local basketball team both morally and financially. Neptunas Bread connects deep-rooted passion for basketball with beautiful cultural traditions surrounding Lithuanian bread. By purchasing Neptunas Bread, each buyer contributes to the support of 1.500 children basketball players“, says Saulius Jancauskas, Vice-Director of Klaipedos Duona.

According to Managing Director of Zeelandia, Mr. Darius Laivys "People don‘t just buy a bread, but a delicious bread which is enriched with proteins, fibers, and is specifically balanced for professional athletes. Furthermore, this bread also stands out with its blue pack which symbolizes the blue blood of Neptunas basketball players, their uniforms as well as the symbol of Klaipeda - the Baltic Sea."

Neptunas Bread is baked according to historic bread baking traditions. Nowadays, buyers are increasingly interested in healthy living and are looking for natural products enriched with various grains and grain blends. The basis of Neptunas Bread dough is the natural sourdough created and matured in the company, enriched with a mixture of different cereals: soybeans, sunflower kernels, flax seed, and soy flour. Soybeans are the only herbal product with so many nutrients. Soybeans are the largest source of protein, making Neptunas Bread especially suitable for sportsmen.

Zeelandia Ukraine acquires chocolate compound business