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Ramon's showpiece receives critical acclaim at WCM2015

The showpiece 'Chronicles of Nature' that Ramon Huigsloot made as representative of The Netherlands at the World Chocolate Masters 2015 in Paris, France, received critical acclaim from the two international chocolate experts in the WCM2015 studio. They were duely impressed by the number of different techniques he used.

They marvelled about the bright colours, how the theme of the showpiece took us from under sea level up into the air, and they commented on how intricate its details were. To boot, one of the experts said he would have granted extra points if he were a member of the jury, for the incredibly smart way of transportation: Ramon moved his showpiece to the central area of the show, using a special trolley. Thus making doubly sure it would not fall or break while moving it.

Even though the judging had already taken place, every Chocolate Master wants to see his (or her) hard work rewarded with its rightful place in the spotlights at the Salon du Chocolat. 

Vote for Ramon's showpiece and help him receive the Social Media Award on Friday, October 30. Voting starts tomorrow at 3PM via this link: http://www.worldchocolatemasters.com/en/Grant-your-favourite-finalist-the-Social-Media-Award