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Ambassador of India visits Zeelandia head offices

A new Zeelandia factory is currently under construction in the Mumbai area. On October 25, H.E. Mr. V. Rajamony, Ambassador for India in the Netherlands, and Marketing Manager Mr. Ashok Kaushik visited the Zeelandia head office in Zierikzee, Netherlands. They were given a tour of the factory in Zierikzee, and a demonstration of the products we will produce in the factory in Mumbai.

Ever since 2001, Zeelandia worked with Fine Organics as importer and distributor for Zeelandia products. In January 2015, we started a joint venture: Fine Zeelandia. The local factory in Mumbai will start production by early next year, producing a range of bread mixes, pastry products and release agents.

The new production facility sets the bar higher than ever when it comes to the production of affordable quality products. All products will be made from local raw materials, many of which sourced from local farmers. Implementing Dutch technology, backed by 117 years of experience from Zeelandia, and adding 47 years of Indian experience in manufacturing and distribution. 

We stay ambitious, focusing on growth and global expansion, through our model of joint ventures. This model makes it possible to combine our in-depth knowledge of bakery technology, processes and ingredients and our inventive approach, with local knowledge of the market and applications.


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