Zeelandia East-Africa opens factory in Kenya

Zierikzee – 17 August 2018. The East-Africa branch of Royal Zeelandia Group has officially opened its Nairobi factory in Kenya this week. This brand new facility produces powder mixes for bread improvers, bread-, cake- and muffin mixes as well as Carlo pan release agent.

The official opening was performed by the Dutch ambassador in Kenya, Mr. Frans Makken, together with Mr. Kees-Jan van Wees (Chief Operations Officer Royal Zeelandia Group) and joint-venture partner Chemicals and Solvents, represented by Mrs. Salma Farrah.

Zeelandia East-Africa started sales on import basis in 2016.

Picture of official opening shows (from left to right) Mr. Kees Jan van Wees (COO Royal Zeelandia Group), Mr. Frans Makken (Dutch Ambassador Kenya), Mrs. Salma Farrah (Chemicals and Solvents), John Bravenboer (Zeelandia ), Thomas Ochola (Zeelandia) and Matthijs Spiering (Zeelandia).

Zeelandia East-Africa opens factory in Kenya