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Our recent innovations

The sound of quality
A crisp crust is an indication of freshness and quality. But how do you measure crustiness? To help our customers improve the quality of their products, we developed a unique testing method.
Zero Problem
Gluten-free bread, pizza, cake or panettone? It’s no problem for Italian bakers using this innovative product range.
A premium low-carb sourdough loaf: Das Beste am Abend
A premium low-carb sourdough loaf, which seamlessly fits into a modern bakery workflow.
Soft and fresh, with a bite
How to create a soft loaf with a real bite, that stays fresh for longer, yet requires minimal extra effort from the baker? That was the challenge we set ourselves when developing the MR. KORN mix.
Cake on a stick
If ice-cream on a stick works well, why not eat cake in the same way? We developed a complete solution for the perfect cake to eat on the go.
Creating brand value for craft bakeries
From creating a distinctive loaf to professional marketing support: we help craft bakers build their own branded product.
Sensory profiling panel
Zeelandia is a professional in the field of sensory research with the establishment of a trained sensory panel, consisting of external panelists.
Industrial Bread solutions
Based on customer requirements we can develop tailor-made modular systems for bread that may include a wide range of taste variation, bread functionality (e.g. crumb structure or shelf life) and dosage solutions (bulk, liquid).
Prolong shelf life and improve freshness with these enzyme-based fresheners for cakes
Being flexible in deciding when to have freshly baked product in the store.