Pan Gustavo

An Italian low-carb, high-protein loaf, tailored to local Mediterranean tastes.

Pan Gustavo is perfect for consumers who want to manage their weight. The amount of carbohydrates in this loaf is three times lower than in standard loaves, while the amount of proteins (exclusively vegetable-based) is three times as high. Pan Gustavo also has a high fibre content, four times as high as in standard loaves. The wheat and oat fibres help improve intestinal health and produce a satiated feeling which prevents people from eating too much.

A light, open loaf 
What sets Pan Gustavo apart from most other low-carb mixes on the market, is the fact that it was tailored to local Mediterranean tastes. While most low-carb mixes are dark and full of seeds, Pan Gustavo is a light, open, crusty loaf with only a subtle flavouring of linseed. Its presentation at craft and retail bakeries - a small loaf (200g) on a wooden tray –accentuates the high-quality profile of this product. A dedicated website highlighting Pan Gustavo’s nutritional and health benefits was launched and has since attracted the attention of many consumers looking for a healthy loaf.


Pan Gustavo has a dedicated website to tell the whole story (in Italian).