Zero Problem

Gluten-free bread, pizza, cake or panettone? It’s no problem for Italian bakers using this innovative product range.

The demand for gluten-free bakery products is rising steadily. For people with celiac disease, the only effective treatment is to completely ban gluten from their diet. However, even for people without this disease a gluten-free diet may be the way to prevent or fight problems ranging from fatigue to weight loss. Research in the USA suggests that between 5-10% of people have a degree of gluten intolerance.

Guaranteed gluten-free
In Italy, we developed a range of gluten-free mixes that enables bakers to offer customers a gluten-free, tasty alternative in every major product category. The complete absence of gluten is guaranteed thanks to using dedicated production lines which rule out the risk of cross-contamination. Every batch is also tested externally. The Zero Problem range contains eight mixes, which means that gluten-intolerant consumers have a tasty, high-quality and healthy alternative for a wide range of products, from pizza to panettone.