Salto Plus

Lowering the salt content to comply with regulations without affecting taste and texture.

In many countries, legislation has been introduced to reduce the amount of salt consumers eat. Overconsumption of salt contributes to high blood pressure, which is a leading cause of strokes and coronary heart diseases. The World Health Organization recommends that consumers take in no more than 5g of salt per day. Lowering the salt content of bread is an important step towards that goal.

Less salt, top quality 
For bakers, the challenge is to comply with such guidelines and regulations while maintaining the quality and taste of their bread. Not only does salt add flavour, it also plays an important role in the fermentation process and strengthens the gluten network. We developed a special bread improver, Salto Plus, in which special enzymes compensate for the lower salt content. As a result, Salto Plus produces a healthy loaf in which less salt goes hand in hand with excellent taste and texture.