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Cardiovascular health

According to the WHO, up to 80% of cardiovascular diseases may be preventable. Consumers are increasingly aware of this.

Globally, cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart failure are the number 1 cause of death. However, according to the WHO up to 80% of these diseases may be preventable. Consumers are increasingly aware of this, which boosts demand for products that help control risk factors like obesity and high blood cholesterol levels.

The weight aspect
This creates opportunities for bakers, especially in countries with an ageing population. We support them by developing innovative solutions for healthy yet great-tasting products. An example are our mixes for low-carb, high-protein bread, which help consumers control their weight.

Lowering cholesterol 
Another example is Liv, which addresses the problem of high blood cholesterol levels. According to the WHO, cholesterol levels are responsible for a third of all cases of heart disease. By including oat beta glucan, we have created one of the few bakery products that can rightfully claim to actively lower cholesterol levels and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease.