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Soft and fresh, with a bite

How to create a soft loaf with a real bite, that stays fresh for longer, yet requires minimal extra effort from the baker? That was the challenge we set ourselves when developing the MR. KORN mix.

When market research confirmed that 86% of German consumers viewed freshness as the most important characteristic in a loaf, we set out to develop a new mix that helps bakers produce authentic, tasty bread that stay fresh for longer thanks to natural processes.

Whole seeds and soft structure
The result, MR. KORN, is not a conventional dry mix but a mix of whole grain kernels and seeds, which have been cooked under high pressure to open them up and make them fit for use in a dough. This produces an artisanal loaf with whole seeds and kernels, but without the tough kernels often found in standard multicereal loaves. In fact, the mix produces bread with a very soft crumb structure, and stays fresh for longer as well.

Fit for existing processes 
Tasting panels confirmed MR. KORN to be a winner in terms of freshness. Just as importantly from the baker’s perspective, it can be easily integrated into existing baking processes. It can both be added to the baker’s standard dough or be combined with wheat and rye flour to create a multigrain dough from scratch. Also, MR. KORN can be used as the starting point for a wide variety of products, including savoury loaves, rolls and ciabattas.

More information for the local possibilities with Mr. Korn is available on the German website.