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Taste and texture

By far, the main criteria for the sensory quality of food and the appreciation by consumers are taste and texture.

We continually work on new ingredients and technologies that help bakers to achieve the taste, softness, crustiness or moistness they are looking for in their products.

Measuring crustiness

Defining crustiness is not easy. It involves mouthfeel as well as a crunchy sound. We developed a unique, objective testing method. This method combines a texture analyser with sophisticated sound recordings, enabling our customers to create products with the perfect crust and improved shelf life.

Sourdough made easy 

Another excellent example of our R&D efforts is the sourdough portfolio Amore, enabling the baker to produce bread with the characteristic flavours and texture of authentic sourdough bread – with less time and effort than normally needed. This Amore sourdough portfolio is a perfect example of redesigning the production of a traditional bread type into a contemporary and convenient product portfolio.