Prolong shelf life and improve freshness with these enzyme-based fresheners for cakes

As consumers have come to expect an ever higher degree of freshness in bakery products, the challenge for bakers is to produce cake products which not only keep fresh for longer but also maintain a higher quality during their shelf life. We developed the range of XFresh fresheners to help them achieve this.

Enzyme technology
XFresh makes use of enzyme technology to prolong the sensory shelf life and perceived freshness of both pound cakes and smaller cake products like muffins, magdalenas and cupcakes. It can also be used for restoring freshness after lowering the Aw value of a cake application by using polyols.

50% extra shelf life 
The technology has proven to be highly effective, extending the sensory shelf life by up to 50%. Consumer tests and professional panels show that applications based on XFresh technology improve the perceived freshness of cakes by up to 50%. In one instance, a four-week old cake made with XFresh technology was judged to be as fresh as a one-week old conventional cake.

Adapted to local needs 
XFresh technology is available in four basic varieties, two of which can boast a clean label. The technology is adapted by Zeelandia specialists to the specific needs and applications of customers in six countries and the XFresh technology is currently used in over 20 recipes.