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Freshness and shelf life

Freshness of a product is becoming an increasingly important quality aspect. A recent European survey found that for many customers freshness is a more important consideration than price. Zeelandia’s innovations in interrupted process techniques allow bakers to cater to this need.

At the same time, consumers also expect the products they have bought to stay fresh for longer. Out-of-Home outlets, meanwhile, face the challenge of ensuring their products on display stay fresh right up to the moment they’re bought. In short, freshness is a strategic selling point for bakers and retail outlets alike. In these situations, what matters is the sensory shelf life – the time period in which customers perceive a product to be fresh based on the way it looks, its texture and taste.

Natural methods, professional testing 
Using our knowledge of freshness and techniques like enzyme technology, we strive to lengthen the sensory shelf life in as natural a way as possible. And we rigorously test the results of our efforts. Panels consisting of internal experts and consumers judge the finished (test) products. We also make use of objective testing methods analysing the texture and colour of baked products. The result: innovations which produce a substantially longer sensory shelf life.