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A fruit filling with excellent baking properties
When one of German’s leading industrial bakers was looking for a fruit filling which would not produce steam during baking, Zeelandia rose to the challenge.
A perfectly tuned release process
How a Spanish industrial bakery achieved better results, better taste and lower costs by fine-tuning the releasing process
A step up from oil
We helped a mid-sized bakery in Taiwan save time and money by providing a total releasing solution
A successful partnership
Helping an international retail chain to develop successful in-store bakeries, with extensive support and complete recipes tailored to local taste
Aseptic containers for high-quality fruit filling
How we helped a large manufacturer of bake-off products save time and money – and offering a clean label to boot.
Cold fruit glazes for dessert cups
A new concept for dessert cups required an intelligent solution for applying a fruit glaze. Zeelandia came up with a smart and versatile glaze.
Filling a fruit bar
Creating a suitable fruit-based filling for a major producer of fruit bars challenged us to provide a practical and bake-stable solution.
Increased profits with better quality snacks
How we helped an industrial baker to create better quality and more profitable ‘quark balls’, optimising the production process with a tailor-made mix.
Less is more with liquid margarine
How replacing three ingredients with one innovative product enabled a mid-sized bakery to produce more consistent results and a cleaner label while reducing cost.