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Authentic sourdough bread, at local supermarket
How we enabled a British retail chain to raise the profile of its in-store bakery, by producing authentic Italian sourdough bread in an easy and convenient process.
Craft baking for the next generation
How our special mixes helped an Italian craft baker to widen his range of products and attract a new, young customer base.
Increased profits with better quality snacks
How we helped an industrial baker to create better quality and more profitable ‘quark balls’, optimising the production process with a tailor-made mix.
Investing in personal relationships
When in-store bakeries were first introduced in hypermarkets, we invested in partnerships which have helped customers adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges.
Less is more with liquid margarine
How replacing three bakery ingredients with one innovative product enabled a mid-sized bakery to produce more consistent results and a cleaner label while reducing cost.
Optimised process, optimised taste
How we helped one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of frozen bakery products to optimise an interrupted production process and tailor a successful multicereal mix to local tastes.
Panna cotta for foodservice
Stable, versatile panna cotta for hotels, restaurants and food outlets. Easy to make and low in cost price.