Fruit fillings

Fruit is a classic ingredient in many pastry products. We help customers with smart solutions for processing tasty and delicate fruit in a convenient way - without compromising quality.

Fruit has been a classical ingredient in fine pastry products for decades. In modern bakery processes the challenge is to process fruit in a convenient way, without compromising the quality. With two production sites in Europe, each of which has a dedicated R&D department, we develop innovative solutions, for both toppings and fillings.

Improved baking stability
This has resulted, for example, in efficient yet delicate production processes which allow us to make luxury fillings with a high fruit content and integrity as well as jams and fruit fillings suitable for industrial applications. Also, we continually work to improve the baking stability of toppings and fillings, which prevents them from spreading or producing steam during the baking process.

Innovations in application
We also provide solutions for injecting, piping or pumping fruit fillings into (or onto) pastry products. For industrial customers we develop pre-dosed smart packs, which are easy to empty. For smaller bakeries and Out-of-Home production units, even filled piping bags are available. Thus, our innovations help customers to process fruit fillings and toppings in a highly efficient way.