Cake on a stick

If ice-cream on a stick works well, why not eat cake in the same way? We developed a complete solution for the perfect cake to eat on the go.

Cakes on a stick are a perfect snack to eat on the go, and therefore a valuable addition to a baker’s display cabinet. But only if they can produce them in an easy and efficient way. For the German market, we developed a complete solution consisting of a cake mix, wooden sticks, silicon cake tins and a release agent spray. This makes the production process quick and foolproof.

Boosting business
The solution also comprises a wide range of fillings, jellies, icings and dips. This gives bakers ample opportunity to create a variety of cakes. By providing them with a practical display, moreover, we help them present their final product in an attractive way, catching customers’ attention and thus boosting business.

Watch our video on How Cake on a stick is produced:

More information on local possibilities for Cake on a stick is available on the German website.