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Creating brand value for craft bakeries

From creating a distinctive loaf to professional marketing support: we help craft bakers build their own branded product.

For craft bakers, creating a distinctive house brand of luxury bread is a good way to raise their profile, draw new customers and increase turnover. However, it is also a time-consuming process which calls for very specific expertise. In the Netherlands, we support craft bakers with a complete package of professional support.

The house brand road map
The starting point for creating a house brand is not a new recipe, but a thorough analysis of a bakery’s existing portfolio. This means: identifying its strengths and weaknesses and analysing the local market and consumer trends. Creating a new range of branded products is also an excellent opportunity to look for ways to combine and rationalise production processes.

Professional marketing support
In all these steps, we support bakeries with the specific knowledge and expertise of our marketing professionals and test bakers. We help craft bakers find the most promising market niche, develop a distinctive product and set up an effective marketing campaign: from choosing a powerful brand name with strong regional appeal to developing eye-catching promotional materials.

Brands with real added value
As a growing number of craft bakers can testify: our thorough approach pays off, and can help them create a brand which has real added value: for their customers and for themselves!

Dutch baker Erwin Scholtes and his wife tell you how they profit from this concept.

More information on the local possibilities in The Netherlands with this concept is available on the Dutch website.