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Amore Rustique

Amore Rustique is an easy-to-use and versatile blend based on sourdough with active ingredients to create superior quality breads. The active bakery ingredients allow bakers to produce sourdough bread with an aromatic, fleshy crumb and crispy crust in three hours, without the need to add bread improvers. Wheat flour, water and salt are enough.

Amore Rustique is suitable for any bread type and for different baking processes and has many benefits. First and foremost, breads made with Rustique are characterised by their superb taste and aroma.

There are two varieties: 

• Whole Grain - Fresh aroma, grassy notes of butter, chick peas and soy 

• Roasted Wheat - Roasted, nutty, intense flavor, hint of coffee

Both deliver breads that have a fleshy, moist and airy crumb combined with a thin crispy crust.

Secondly, Rustique is an extremely convenient and versatile mix. Specifically, it supports the production of traditional sourdough bread in a direct, short process (app. 3 hours). The addition of yeast is not necessary!

Lastly, the product is delivered in a convenient 1KG pack under protective atmosphere to guarantee freshness. The size allows the baker to be flexible in his planning.