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Pure & natural

A large majority of global consumers are concerned about the impact of processed foods on their health. This rising attentiveness towards health is providing a significant impulse to the natural category, with consumers increasingly preferring to consume naturally healthy products.

This trend is also about the demand for products that are 'the way they used to be'. Consumers want to eat tasty, pure, healthy food. We developed the Amore Sourdough portfolio to enable bakers to create the best authentic bread ever.

Amore Sourdough

Traditional sourdough bread has made a comeback in many countries, thanks to its intense flavour, moist, crumbly texture and crispy crust. Zeelandia’s comprehensive Amore Sourdough range allows bakers to make authentic sourdough bread of consistently high quality, using their own production processes. Amore Sourdough brings modern convenient technology to bakers producing these staples of the bread-making tradition. 

The complete portfolio:
Amore Original

Amore Melange
Amore Rustique
Amore Arome

This range covers a wide variety of applications, processes and bread and flour types. Amore Rustique is the latest addition to the portfolio.