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Panilife Spelt

Reviving the art of baking spelt bread – in a way that suits modern Spanish artisan bakeries.

Over the last few years, Spanish consumers have turned more and more to authentic food products. Both in terms of ingredients and production methods, interest in traditional and so-called ‘forgotten’ foods has risen sharply. This has boosted interest in traditional grains like spelt, one of the world’s oldest grains and a staple in Spanish diets until it was gradually replaced by wheat.

Healthy, high-quality profile 
For small, artisanal bakeries spelt presents an excellent opportunity to distinguish themselves from industrial competitors and supermarkets. Spelt is not only a fashionable grain, it can also produce a healthy yet light and delicious leaf. It also offers nutritional benefits: spelt flour is rich in B vitamins and is an excellent alternative for consumers with allergic reactions to wheat products.

Guaranteed results 
However, spelt is technically more complex to process than most modern grains and developing a successful recipe takes particular expertise. Therefore we developed the Panilife Spelt mix. As a 100% mix, no ingredients need to be added apart from water and yeast. For our customers, it’s an easy and guaranteed way of enriching their product assortment with a popular, distinctive high-quality product.

More information for local possibilities in Spain with Panilife is available on the Spanish website.