With our wide-ranging portfolio for pastry products, professional bakers and patissiers around the world create attractive, indulgent pastries. Our ingredients help guarantee a consistent, high quality and enable them to streamline the baking process, for increased earnings and profit.

Mixes and improvers

Reliable products for pound or sponge cakes, muffins, puff pastry etc.

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Toppings and fillings

A wide range of toppings and fillings. Products with maximum convenience and a high end product performance.

Fruit fillings, jams and glazes

Convenient and tasty products, using natural flavours and colourings for an authentic end product.

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Coatings and fudges

A range of innovative products which give pastry a perfect, shiny finish.

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Aspects of innovation

Almond paste

Marzipan and almond paste are crucial ingredients in many pastry products around the world.