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Standard crumb bread

Mixes and improvers that help bakers create a wide variety of soft loaves: both wheat and rye based.

Zero Problem
Gluten-free bread, pizza, cake or panettone? It’s no problem for Italian bakers using this innovative product range.
A premium low-carb sourdough loaf: Das Beste am Abend
A premium low-carb sourdough loaf, which seamlessly fits into a modern bakery workflow.
Creating brand value for craft bakeries
From creating a distinctive loaf to professional marketing support: we help craft bakers build their own branded product.
Industrial Bread solutions
Based on customer requirements we can develop tailor-made modular systems for bread that may include a wide range of taste variation, bread functionality (e.g. crumb structure or shelf life) and dosage solutions (bulk, liquid).
Being flexible in deciding when to have freshly baked product in the store.