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Healthy and nutritious

Consumers increasingly focus on the nutritional value and health effects of food. This trend is sustained by demographic changes, like an ageing population looking to stay fit and healthy. We develop innovative solutions for bakery products with real, proven health benefits.

Zeelandia offers you many tasty solutions, all with proven health benefits. At IBA2015, you will find on display: ProKorn, MR. KORN Chia (with Omega3 fatty acids) and ZeroProblem, our tasty gluten-free range for pizza, bread, cookies and cake.

In recent years, consumers have focused more and more on products with positive health claims. We strive to continuously expand our range of products low in salt, fat and sugar, and products high in beneficial ingredients including fiber, beta glucan and vitamins. Today, Zeelandia offers you a product range to meet any kind of health-related bakery product demand, including: bread and/or pastry solutions for digestive issues, heart-healthy products and weight-control products.

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